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Dental Implants Abroad Can Save You up to $3,000

A dental implant in the U.S. costs around $4,000— $3,500 in the U.K. The same procedure can be done in Thailand for as little as $1,500, Turkey: $1,000, Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia: $850.

London Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in London, United Kingdom

The UK’s capital, the city of London, lies by the river Thames. London is an ultra-modern city that is an admirable blend of historic Victorian era monuments and sleek new-age edifices. Citizens from many countries that have under-developed or inadequate healthcare systems, find London a safe haven for their healthcare needs. Patients from GCC countries often travel to London to undergo medical procedures, and are financed by their respective governments for the same. On the other end of the spectrum are patients from high-income backgrounds, who furnish the expenses themselves, and are prepared to bear medical expenses of any order in return for the best healthcare support that is available in the market. 

It also gives them an opportunity to catch a glimpse of London’s regal palaces such as the Buckingham Palace or the Kensington Palace. They get to explore its historically rich museums and fascinating art galleries, and appreciate unparalleled views of the fleeting city on the London Eye!

Why Health Tourism in London?

London is known around the world for its exceptional healthcare services. In fact, many medical tourism congresses are held in London, making it a capital of European medical tourism in a way. London gives access to quality healthcare to patients from countries that have inadequate healthcare systems, aside from patients from high-earning backgrounds who seek medical care under its well-established system.

Private healthcare facilities in London are known to offer first-class medical care for medical tourists. These facilities are well-funded; as a result, they are able to invest in cutting-edge medical equipment. The presence of skilled healthcare practitioners enhances their quality of medical care further. Patients coming in from GCC (Gulf Corporation Council) nations form a big part of London's medical tourism market, aside from medical tourists from European countries. Many GCC patients travel to London to receive medical care as the associated expenses are refurbished by the respective Governments.

Featured Medical Providers and Healthcare Centers in London

The Portland Hospital

London, United Kingdom

Accreditation: ISO 9001

Languages: English

The Portland Hospital is the only private hospital in the UK dedicated to the healthcare of women and children and is part of the HCA group of award winning private hospitals in London.


Parkside Hospital

London, United Kingdom

Languages: English

Parkside Hospital is an independent hospital located opposite Wimbledon Common, and is easily accessible from Central London and the Home Counties. The Hospital is able to offer most medical specialit...

The Wellington Hospital

London, United Kingdom

Languages: English, Russian, Greek, Polish

The Wellington Hospital is the largest independent hospital in the UK, with almost four decades of expertise in treating patients from the UK and overseas. The hospital has an international reputation...

London Eye Hospital

London, United Kingdom

Languages: English

With state-of-the-art facilities in Harley Street and Wimpole Street – right in the heart of London’s internationally-acclaimed medical district – the London Eye Hospital is a dedica...

The Lister Hospital

London, United Kingdom

Languages: English

The Lister Hospital is a private hospital providing world-class healthcare in the heart of Chelsea, London. We offer the warmest welcome, the highest quality and choice of private healthcare, excellen...
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