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Healthcare System and Quality in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has been the destination of choice for medical tourists to whom quality of treatment comes first, and price second. Medical facilities in the UK offer many advanced treatments that are not available in other medical tourism destinations, despite the fact that the latter may be far more affordable. The UK has been seen as a premier choice for medical procedures like fertility treatment and cancer therapies, owing to its reliable quality of care that far exceeds its competitors elsewhere. Medical tourists typically visit cities like Manchester and London to take advantage of the first-grade healthcare facilities and their wealth of skilled practitioners.

Hospital and Doctor Standards in the United Kingdom

The NHS (National Health Service) is the UK's healthcare delivery system. The National Health Service in England received a fund of £110 billion from the Department of Health in 2013-2014.It provides access to clinical care to all UK citizens irrespective of whether or not they are able to furnish the medical expenses. A private healthcare wing parallels the NHS healthcare delivery system in the UK, offering timely high-quality care to patients.

The NHS hospitals are expected to register under the Care Quality Commission in the UK, which manages the hospital standards and accreditation. In fact, the UK does not have any JCI accredited hospitals as the standards that are set by the Care Quality Commission match up to or exceed the standards specified by the Joint Commission.

The NHS adopts a Universal Healthcare System module where everyone can appreciate access to the same medical care. One of the advantages of the universal healthcare system is that it allows patient records to be shared between medical institutions. This way, healthcare professionals who are from different facilities have access to patient records, enabling them to diagnose or treat the condition in a more efficient manner. Patients from many European countries, New Zealand, Australia and other countries have access to NHS's medical care at free of cost, due to the reciprocal healthcare agreements inked between them and the United Kingdom.

The private healthcare system has burgeoned to support the National Health Service, so patients don’t have to wait for their turn to receive medical care. In fact, the same skilled medical practitioners and consultants visit private healthcare facilities and NHS medical institutions in many cases. The only difference is that patients can avoid waiting lists to receive timely medical intervention with private healthcare, while it also gives them a wide choice of well-funded high-quality medical institutions to choose from. The private healthcare sector also caters to some treatments that are not offered in NHS hospitals, such as fertility treatments, cosmetic surgeries and a few weight-loss procedures.

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