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Bumrungrad— Asia’s Pioneer of Cited Medical Excellence

Bumrungrad Hospital has helped make Thailand one of the world’s most trusted medical tourism destinations. In 2002, Bumrungrad became the first hospital in Asia to earn Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation.

Why Medical Tourism in the United Kingdom

The UK's inbound medical tourist numbers have begun to climb up in the last decade with about 52,000 medical tourists visiting the country in 2010. Many of the UK's medical tourists come in from European countries due to the easy accessibility. Medical tourists typically seem to either have historic ties with the UK or are expatriates. The UK's healthcare system primarily caters to medical tourists from the Middle East, Greece, Cyprus and Spain. Recently, there has been a rise in the number of patients coming in from Nigeria and Ireland.

As far as the cost-effectiveness of medical care goes, there are many other medical tourism destinations that easily outdo the United Kingdom. However, the strength of UK's healthcare system lies in its ability to offer some of the best medical services worldwide. UK's unparalleled quality of healthcare services has made medical tourists from different corners of the globe look past the cost concerns, as they know that the medical care is worth of their money.

Key Strengths of the United Kingdom for medical tourism 

- World-renowned medical research efforts
- First-class medical practitioners
- Presence of avant-garde medical equipment
- Access to quality healthcare
- Post-op recovery in peaceful landscapes

Why should you consider the United Kingdom for your healthcare needs?

1. Top-notch medical research facilities

The United Kingdom has been a strong player in the medical research field for centuries now. Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin, Watson and Crick decoded the DNA's mysteries in the UK, and the world's first test tube baby, a breakthrough in the field on fertility treatment, occurred in the UK as well. Till today, the UK maintains a firm footing when it comes to medical research, making groundbreaking discoveries in the field of surgical practice and medicine.

2. World-class private medical institutions

The private medical facilities in the UK are considered to be some of the best around the world. In fact, many specialist clinics in the UK are touted to be the best in their field of practice globally, including BMI Healthcare Center, London Fertility Center, and Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust. These facilities score high in terms of both service standards and treatment quality. This is why leaders and Prime Ministers from around the globe choose to go to the UK for medical care.

3. Non-existent language barrier

The healthcare staff numbers in the UK are high, therefore medical facilities are able to offer attentive and efficient care to patients. The staff is habituated to treating overseas patients, and medical practitioners speak English as well as other languages. Some private hospitals also have interpreter services which prove to be helpful to medical tourists who do not converse in English. Patients from the US and European countries are also less likely to experience a cultural shock on visiting the UK, as opposed to some of the other medical tourism destinations around the world. Visitors often feel at home on their visit to the UK, eliminating unnecessary apprehension or stress that sprouts from traveling outside home for medical care.

4. Cutting-edge equipment and skilled practitioners

Healthcare facilities in the UK are declared to be some of the best worldwide, and with good reason. These facilities are equipped with advanced technology and cutting-edge equipment such as radiotherapy linear accelerators and sophisticated imaging technology that make medical treatment fast, efficient and effective. The practitioners themselves have exceptional skills and expertise, which puts these facilities in a league of their own.

5. Shopping destinations and historically rich tourist attractions

The UK is known for its historic buildings, with the classic influence of Victorian era architecture seen in many of its buildings. This often piques the interest of medical tourists, who can conveniently go around exploring historically rich castles during the recovery period. The UK also offers many opportunities for avid shoppers, especially in cities like London. The countryside is one of the best places to relax after treatment, with miles of hills, woodlands and fields. Getting some fresh air by the coast is another option for patients recovering from medical procedures.

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