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Asia is Enhancing Looks and Outlooks

Asia performed over 4 million cosmetic surgery procedures in 2011. The continent leads the world in this growing industry, an industry that people are turning to for better self-esteem and youthful looks.

Healthcare System and Quality in the UAE

The quality of healthcare system is very high in the UAE. The primary reason is the involvement of the government in improving the facilities in the sector. The government has invested huge sums to improve medical infrastructure in the country and provide citizens access to quality medical care. The government has invested over $5 billion for the new medical infrastructure. The reliable healthcare system has also made people from all over the world, including western countries like the UK and the US to visit the UAE for its excellent healthcare. Within a period of 5 years, beginning in 2010, the healthcare industry in the UAE is set to earn $8 billion.

Hospital and medical practice standards in the UAE

The UAE government has made sure that medical procedures here are done under strict supervision of the expert doctors and that all medical professionals and hospitals follow strict government rules for the same. The Ministry of Health overlooks the development on health policies and unification of health services across UAE. It keeps a check on the quality and standards of the healthcare system in the UAE. Aside from enforcing stringent rules and regulations and following up on cases of unregistered medical practitioners and malpractice, it also periodically implements surprise inspections in medical facilities to see if the imposed standards and safety regulations are met.
The UAE currently has 104 hospitals, with the medical practitioner numbers standing at 19.3 physicians, 40.9 midwives and nurses for every 10,000 people in the country. According to the Ministry of Health, the number of accredited medical facilities in the UAE as of 2012 stood at 41 percent, referring to both international and national recognized standards. The Ministry of Health aims to increase this to 100 percent by 2021, ensuring that all private and public hospitals are accredited with respect to international and national standards.

Government works towards betterment of healthcare system

The UAE government has continually partnered with global institutions to improve its healthcare infrastructure. One instance of such partnership is the management of Abu Dhabi healthcare system by the renowned Johns Hopkins Medical School. There are many such partnerships with experts to improve the knowledge and skills of their own doctors and health care providers notably in the fields of breast cancer research, development of hospitals and improving the healthcare. There has also been no stagnancy in the development in this sector so far. The government has made sure that the medical infrastructure continues to improve year after year. This has in turn attracted highly-trained doctors from all parts of the world who now practice in the UAE. 

Presence of pharmaceutical industries and medical technology giants

The UAE also has many health-related free zones in the country wherein, healthcare establishments in the area have 100 percent tax exemption for a period of 50 years. This has encouraged pharmaceutical giants from around the world to come and set up their establishments here. Some big names in the pharmaceutical industry that have branches in the UAE include Sanofi-Aventis, Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca and Merck Serano. Furthermore, the UAE also has quality medical device manufacturers like GE Healthcare in the country, which help keep the medical technology and equipment in healthcare facilities updated and in line with the latest advances.

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