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Why medical tourism in the UAE

The booming UAE medical tourism market is estimated to be valued at $1.6 billion. The UAE offers the best of medical care and cosmetic procedures at affordable costs when compared to other countries. Despite the fact that there are other countries that have treatment facilities that are in par with the UAE, the cost factor of the procedures in the UAE is unparalleled. The most sought-after procedures among medical tourist in the UAE are plastic and cosmetic procedures like liposuction, gluteoplasty, botox, rhinoplasty and other corrective surgeries. Treatments like IVF, intrauterine insemination, cardiac surgeries, dental treatments and orthopedic treatments are also sought after.

People from all over the word are coming to the UAE due to its nominally-priced quality healthcare, including those from places that have excellent healthcare systems like the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. People from Asian countries also form a large percentage of the medical tourist numbers. The government has initiated increased spending in the healthcare sector in the recent past; the overall spending is expected to reach $16.8 billion by the year 2015.
Key strengths of the UAE in medical tourism

The factors that have made the UAE a favorable destination for medical tourists include:

High-quality medical procedures
Affordable cosmetic surgeries
Impressive doctor-patient ratios
Stringent safety regulations
Easy accessibility to other countries

Why should you consider the UAE for your healthcare needs?

1. High Concentration of Plastic Surgeons

The UAE is home to many experienced medical professionals, while many of them also come in from other countries overseas. The UAE is especially known for its cosmetic surgeries, and the plastic surgeon numbers here are in line with the demand for surgeries. Statistics show that the UAE has 1 plastic surgeon for every 18,000 people, while a comparison with the same parameters in the US reveals 1 plastic surgeon for every 50,000 people. In fact, many world-famous cosmetic surgeons fly to the country to perform surgeries. The government has even offered short-stay visas to practitioners, to encourage more and more world-class medical professionals to come practice in the UAE.

2. Quality After-Care Facilities

The UAE is world-renowned for its hospitality, and the medical facilities here also offer the right setting for patients to recuperate. The medical facilities are experienced and equipped to handle various types of after-care needs. The staffs are trained to handle situations ranging from post-op everyday care to emergency care. The medical institutions infrastructure itself is designed to offer recreational avenues for patients to recoup in comfort.

3. Increased Governmental Interest in Healthcare Industry

The UAE government secured a firm foundation for the healthcare system when it was performing strongly economically. The government spent a whopping US $436 million in the 1996-2003 period that has made way for the high-quality healthcare system in the UAE today. The government has also imposed stringent regulations for all medical practitioners, failure to conform to which could result in instant termination of medical licenses. Expat healthcare professionals who have been involved in negligent or malpractices are deported back from the country. This has helped mitigate the occurrences of malpractices and enhanced the quality of medical care in the UAE.

4. Affordable Medical Procedures

The UAE's rise in the medical tourism industry can be attributed to the affordability of its medical procedures. What gives it an edge over other medical tourism destinations is that its healthcare system standards are in par with that of world-class facilities around the globe, while the prices still remain nominal. It explains why there has been an inflow of medical tourists from the UK and other Western countries, which already have well-established medical institutions.

5. Easy Accessibility and Visa Procurement Process

The UAE's geographic position allows for it to offer easy accessibility to nearly one-third of the world's population, requiring just a 4-hour flight. The medical visa procurement process is simple. Patients are expected to partake in the visa application process under the medical facility that they have chosen for their treatment, the medical facility acts as the sponsor and can apply for a visa on their behalf. The flexible visa application process allows the candidates to choose between single or multiple trips of varying stay period, as to their liking.

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