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Asia Has a Nose Up

In 2011, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons released a report naming China, Japan, and South Korea in the top 5 for number of rhinoplasty (nose job) procedures!

Why Medical Tourism in Taiwan

Taiwan has many advantages when it comes to getting health care services. Some of these advantages are mentioned below

  • 1. Low-cost but high quality treatment
  • 2. Highly qualified medical professionals
  • 3. A number of treatment plans
  • 4. Use of highly sophisticated technology
  • 5. Great international patient services
  • 6. Easy to travel
  • 7. Visitor-friendly environment
  • 8. Excellent follow-up programs

  • Key strengths of Taiwan for medical tourism

    - Taiwan offers high quality medical care at lower prices than in Western countries.
    - The hospitals in Taiwan are equipped with highly sophisticated technologies that reduce the treatment-time for patients.
    - The hospital staff is quite friendly, helpful, highly experienced, and always at your service
    - Taiwan also offers interesting post-treatment plans.

    1. Low-cost but high quality treatment

    Taiwan offers excellent medical facilities at extremely low costs. The hospitals in Taiwan are equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies that help in providing quality medical care. However, the cost of the treatment will only be around one fifth of what will be incurred in western countries like the US and UK. A national health insurance program initiated by the government cuts down the cost of medical care services offered across the country. This has helped global medical tourists visiting the country to obtain excellent medical care at affordable rates.

    2. Highly qualified medical professionals

    The hospitals in Taiwan employ medical professionals who are highly qualified. In Taiwan, the doctors undergo an initial training of 7 years, following of which they take up their specialties. The hospitals employ local doctors who have received their training from foreign universities. The hospitals also take the service of doctors who reside in places like the US. These doctors travel to Taiwan occasionally to provide expert consultation.

    3. A number of treatment plans

    Many health visitors come to Taiwan for infertility treatments, joint replacement treatments, and cardiovascular procedures. Cosmetic treatments like botox, liposuction, and tummy tuck are also popular with international medical tourists. Mental and physical therapies as well as spa treatments are also offered to medical tourists who visit Taiwan. Along with the conventional treatments, Taiwan medical tourism provides its visitors with the services of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This mainly covers three modes of treatment namely acupuncture, traditional herbal medicine, and a form of chiropractic medicine known as Tui-Na.

    4. Use of highly sophisticated technology

    Taiwanese hospitals use many modern equipments like CTs, PETs, and MRIs for the process of cancer screening, image-guided radiation for cancer treatment, and cyber knives for taking out tumors. The quality of these equipments can be considered to be equal to or sometimes even better than those used in US hospitals. With the help of mobile health care monitors, medical services are offered to patients who reside outside the hospital area. To ensure enhanced health care services and better patient care, the hospitals use a 24-hour health care monitor. The hospitals also employ a smart card system with which all the patient information is stored on one small IC card (Integrated Circuit card). This simplifies the task of storing patient information and also reduces the hassles of paperwork, when the patient is shifted from one hospital to the other.

    5. Great international patient services

    The hospitals in Taiwan provide special medical services for international visitors. The help desks and translators at Taiwan medical centers ensure that the needs of the foreign patients are taken care of completely. The major hospitals, which take part in the medical tourism program, offer translation services in more than 20 languages. All hospitals also have non-denominational prayer halls, which are built keeping in mind the international patients.

    6. Easy to travel

    Visitors from countries including Canada, US, Australia, and the European Union can visit Taiwan without an official VISA. The capital city of Taipei is well connected to most major airports in the world, so you will not experience any trouble in reaching Taiwan. The cost of air travel and accommodation are as cheap and affordable as the treatments, which is another attractive feature.

    7. Visitor-friendly environment

    The country has a pleasant climate throughout the year, and this adds to the comfort of the foreign travelers. Taiwan is also free from political instability and poverty, which gives a boost to the medical tourism industry. The excellent standards of hygiene maintained in the hospitals and surroundings also attract a lot of patients to the country.

    8. Excellent follow-up programs

    The centers of health care in Taiwan also see to it that sincere customer oriented services are provided to its patients. The hospitals have separate wings for operations and preventive health care. Medical travelers to Taiwan have the option of recuperating in beautiful surroundings after their treatment. Patients can relax in many exotic locations during their post-treatment phase. Hospitals also provide the patients with a personal health manager to see them through their recovery phase. The health manager will be responsible for conducting follow-ups and arranging regular patient visits to the doctor. 

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