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Healthcare System and Quality in Spain

Spain has one of the best healthcare systems in the world and has been awarded with the 7th rank by the World Health Organization in this regard. This, in addition to factors like easy accessibility, affordable treatments, excellent hospitals and clinics and English-speaking medical professionals have led to the country being seen as one of the top medical tourism destinations. 

The General Health Law of 1986 led to the establishment of the Spanish National Health System, which is a network of all the healthcare providers in the country. The Ministry of Health and Social Policy, along with the Inter-territorial Council of Spanish National Health Service, are responsible for the management and regulation of the healthcare system in the country. 

Due to high social security payments and a robust economy, the quality of public run hospitals and clinics is very high. Being a part of the European Union, Spain also provides free and comprehensive healthcare to citizens of the Schengen states, as per the trade agreements between the nations. 

Hospital and doctor standards in Spain

There are both public and private medical institutions in the country. A lot of these hospitals, clinics and polyclinics have been recently added to the healthcare infrastructure and boast of the most advanced equipment. 

Doctors in Spain are very well educated and need to study for a minimum of six to seven years before they can professionally practice as general practitioners. Doctors who want to specialize have to study further for another five to six years, before getting the license to practice. Most of the doctors and medical professionals in Spain, especially the ones working in the bigger cities are sufficiently proficient in the English language. This is one of the factors that allow people from foreign lands to benefit from the excellent healthcare system in Spain. 

While the nurses and other supporting staff at the hospitals and clinics are well trained and educated, they do not perform the same duties that are expected from nurses elsewhere. Feeding and personal care of the patient is the responsibility of the family member and all in-patient hospitals and clinics provide accommodation facilities for the same. 

There are about 21 hospitals in Spain that are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the earlist being in the year 2001. This means that these medical institutions follow very strict quality and service standards, besides adhering to international norms for healthcare services.  Some of the hospitals with JCI accreditation include Guttmann Institute, ABS Vandellos, Area Basica de Salud Cambrills, Centro Medico Teknon, Clinica IMQ Zorrotzaurre and Clinica Universidad de Navarra. 

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