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Medical Tourists Rest Assured with Mtqua

Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA) has launched the very first system of assessment that judges medical centres in 10 key areas directly affecting a health tourist’s well-being. 

South Africa Visa Requirements for Medical Tourists

Medical Tourists visiting South Africa should apply for a medical treatment visa. The Form BI-1784 is expected to be submitted along with it. A formal letter from a medical practitioner explaining the treatment, duration and why the patient is required to visit South Africa is to be furnished. The patient should carry a passport which has a validity of 30 days from the last day of stay. In exceptional cases, visa requirements may be waived in the case of a medical emergency. South Africa's medical permit applies to medical care in public, private and bona fide healthcare institutions, aside from rehabilitation clinics, health farms and residential homes.

***It is advisable to contact an embassy, consulate, or similar expert in visa requirements prior to traveling for your care. Please click here for more information about visas to South Africa.

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