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2011's Leaders are...

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons declared that the US performed over 1 million plastic surgery procedures in 2011. Brazil, China, and Japan also performed top numbers of cosmetic surgeries.

South Africa Medical Tourism

Located in Africa’s southern tip, South Africa is bordered by Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, and Namibia on its north. South Africa paints a vivid picture, one with breathtaking snow-capped mountains, vast deserts and a rich wildlife, all packed into this one country. It has various animal sanctuaries and wildlife safaris where visitors can appreciate its flourishing wildlife. It is often referred to as the one-stop destination for medical tourists, which offers safari, sun and surgery. 

The country is especially popular amongst European patients who find it easy to travel to the country due to its proximity. The most sought-after procedures here include cosmetic/plastic surgery, fertility treatment, dental, laser, and eye surgery (ophthalmology). Medical tourism in South Africa attracts overseas health travelers due to its state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, tranquil landscapes and resplendent tourism hotspots. Health tourists can also visit the various luxurious resorts and spas in South Africa to rejuvenate after undergoing medical treatments.

Medical facilities here offer nominally priced treatments with rates that are about half the amount shelled out by patients in US healthcare facilities. Sharing the same official language as other English-speaking nations, is an added advantage to choosing South Africa. In fact, many of its medical practitioners receive certifications from institutions in the UK and the US prior to practicing in South Africa. 

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Why Medical Tourism in South Africa

South Africa built a strong reputation for itself in performing cutting-edge medical procedures in 1967, when the first heart-transplant was successfully carried out in Cape Town by Dr Christiaan Barnard. Since then, South Africa continues to make a name for itself worldwide in the field of medical research. Advances in medical technology and research have drawn in many medical tourists to the country. Cosmetic surgeries,... Read More

Healthcare System and Quality in South Africa

South Africa has aimed to decentralize its healthcare system so all of its citizens have access to primary healthcare at zero costs. The medical care standards offered in South Africa are touted as some of the best among African healthcare facilities. The South African healthcare system comprises of a relatively small but fast-developing private healthcare sector and a big public healthcare sector. There are about 4,200 f... Read More

South Africa Visa Requirements for Medical Tourists

Medical Tourists visiting South Africa should apply for a medical treatment visa. The Form BI-1784 is expected to be submitted along with it. A formal letter from a medical practitioner explaining the treatment, duration and why the patient is required to visit South Africa is to be furnished. The patient should carry a passport which has a validity of 30 days from the last day of stay. In exceptional cases, visa requirem... Read More

Popular Destinations for Medical Tourism in South Africa

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Cape Eye Hospital

Cape Town, South Africa

Languages: English, Afrikaans

The Cape Eye Hospital was Cape Towns first private eye hospital and takes pride in it's dedicated, specially trained staff, advanced state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified team of experienced...

New Somerset Hospital

Cape Town, South Africa

Languages: English, Afrikaans

New Somerset Hospital is the regional general specialist hospital for the metro west district of the Cape Metropole.

It offers a range of general specialist services to a population exc...

Renaissance Surgical Clinic

Cape Town, South Africa

Languages: English, Afrikaans

Renaissance Surgical Clinic is a fully-licensed day clinic, offering a comprehensive range of cosmetic, reconstructive and dental surgery. Whether you're contemplating facial reshaping or rejuvenation...

Home Detox South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Languages: English, Afrikaans

At Home Detox South Africa we have a team of specialist Doctors, Nurses and Counsellors waiting to help. All of our staff specialise in addiction and understand what you are going through. We opened t...

Northumberland Dental

Cape Town, South Africa

Languages: English, Afrikaans

Welcome to Your Friendly Dentists in Cape Town! Based in Parklands, Tableview, Cape Town and owned and run by husband and wife team, Dr Bobby Kurien and Dr Joselyn van Wyk, we are more of a “den...
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