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Growth of Worldwide Medical Tourism Market

The worldwide medical tourism market is estimately growing at a rate of 25-35% annually. The high cost of health care and long wait times for some procedures still remain the major factors for growth.

Healthcare System and Quality in Singapore

The health care services in Singapore extend to both private and public health care. These services are complemented by improving the standards of housing, living, medical services, education and preventive medicine.

The government ensures that affordable and good basic medical services are available to all its citizens. The health care system is constantly fine-tuned to ensure it is aligned with the philosophy of accessibility for all residents of Singapore.

Hospitals and Doctors Standards in Singapore

The hospital standards in Singapore are quite high and multi-disciplinary services are provided for both inpatients and outpatients. Accident and emergency services work 24 hours a day and there are numerous specialist centers as well. All health care providers like doctors, pharmacists, dentists and nurses are all registered with Singapore's Medical Council, Singapore Pharmacy Board, Singapore Dental Council and Singapore Nursing Board respectively.

Although it may not be well known Singapore has one of the world's finest health care systems. It is also known for efficiently financing and yielding results for the local community. The medical standards of Singapore are amongst Asia's highest. The doctors are well qualified and pharmaceuticals are sold in various outlets including department stores, shopping centers, hotels and supermarkets.

Hotels usually provide doctors on call 24 hours a day. In case you need to be shifted to a hospital, quick and efficient transport such as an ambulance is usually organized. Singapore is one of the medical hub in Asia not just for patients but even for professionals. Conferences and training are held here making it a great site for innovation in health care services.

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