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Warsaw Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is the largest city and the capital of Poland, making it one of the most accessible places in the country. Geographically very close to both the Baltic Sea and the Carpathian Mountains, Warsaw is also known as the ‘Phoenix City’. This is because the city and its people have a tenacious will to survive and have managed to rebuild and reinvent themselves time and again after repeated destruction. 

Warsaw is the cultural and commercial hub of Poland. Various museums, palaces, theaters and historical sights await the tourists. The old town, which is one of the most popular sights in the city has been awarded the status of a world heritage site by the UNESCO. Some of the must-visit places in the other city include the Royal Castle, Market Square, the Presidential Palace, the Saxon Garden, the Royal Baths Park and the Warsaw Citadel. 

Warsaw has become a popular medical tourism destination in the recent times owing to the reforms and changes that have taken place in the country since 1989. These reforms have led to establishment of excellent healthcare infrastructure in many Polish cities. Many hospitals and clinics, like the Damian Medical Center located in the city, are internationally known for their cosmetic and plastic surgeries. Some other popular treatments include joint replacements, heart surgeries, dental treatments and fertility treatments.  Poland has also become quite popular for its spa and health resorts, a lot of which are located in Warsaw. 

Why Health Tourism in Warsaw?

With the boost to medical tourism in Poland, medical tourists from countries like the USA, the UK, Germany, the Scandinavian countries and most of Western Europe are choosing Warsaw as their preferred destination. Warsaw has some of the best hospitals and clinics in Europe that are known for their cosmetic procedures and dental treatments internationally. For example, the Damian Medical Center is a renowned center for cosmetic procedures and is even accredited by Center for Monitoring Health Care Quality. Hospitals and clinics in Warsaw are not only well equipped with sound infrastructure, but also qualified staff and experienced doctors and specialists whose services are being outsourced by other European nations as well. This historical city is a great destination to combine non-emergency medical treatment with a little bit of vacationing. 

Featured Medical Providers and Healthcare Centers in Warsaw

Centrum Stomatologiczne Skorosze

Warsaw, Poland

Accreditation: ISO 9001

Languages: English, Polish

We are a private family dental clinic. Our aim is to welcome each patient warmly and keep him satisfied with a high quality of our service.

Most experienced and trained dental practicio...


Warsaw, Poland

Languages: English, Polish, German

Where you will experience many unforgettable experiences in a relaxed atmosphere filled with traditional Polish hospitality. We offer comprehensive Spa & Wellness therapies that are an inspiring, ...

Damian Medical Center

Warsaw, Poland

Accreditation: ISO 9001

Languages: English, Polish

The Damian Medical Centre was established in 1994. It offers a wide range of medical care services provided in the Hospital and five outpatient clinics. They employ physicians in all specialisations w...

Carolina Medical Center

Warsaw, Poland

Accreditation: ISO 9001

Languages: English, Russian, German, Polish, Swedish

The Carolina Medical Center is one of the biggest and most modern orthopaedic hospitals in Europe. The Carolina Medical Center provides the highest standard of medical services to its patients, not on...
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