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Poland Medical Tourism

The Republic of Poland is a country located in central Europe. Its neighboring countries are Germany, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovakia, Belarus and Lithuania. This beautiful country along the coastline of the Baltic Sea was ranked by the World Tourism Organization as one of the top 20 most visited nation in the world in the year 2012. Poland is also the land of John Paul II, the most popular Popes of all times. 

Tourism is one of the most rapidly expanding industries in the country and contributes significantly to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Polish cities like Warsaw, Krakow, Gdnask, Poznan and Torun attract travellers from all over the world. Places like the Masurian Lake District, Tatra Mountains and the Baltic Sea Coast are some of the most popular places to relax and unwind.

Medical tourism is one of the most important aspects of tourism in Poland and the country has been on the medical tourism map for centuries now. Due to the excellent healthcare system and the advanced infrastructure that the country's hospitals are equipped with, an increasing number of people are traveling to Poland to meet their healthcare needs. Specialized procedures like cosmetic surgeries, dental treatments, eye surgery, joint replacements, fertility treatment and alternative treatments are available at affordable costs in Poland, as compared to some other countries. Recovery centers that offer five-star luxurious services and amenities are the best way to recuperate after surgery or treatment. Medical tourists also choose to visit Poland for the unique spa experience that is offered by numerous spas throughout the country that have been ranked 7th in all of Europe in terms of numbers of health spas.

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Why Medical Tourism in Poland

Poland is the biggest country in Central Europe and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Its spectacular natural beauty, vibrant culture and engrossing history are some of the aspects of this country that attract tourists from all over the world.  Read More

Healthcare System and Quality in Poland

Since the reforms that were initiated in the late 1980s and through the 1990s, Poland has been a popular medical tourism destination to reckon with. Taking advantage of the robust tourism industry, the Polish government is taking measures like the reorganization of the healthcare system and the creation of a network of healthcare providers and subsidiaries, to leverage the growing medical tourism industry in the country. ... Read More

Poland Visa Requirements for Medical Tourists

Poland is rapidly emerging as one of the most sought-after medical tourism destinations in the world. Located in Europe, Poland offers tourists from countries like the UK, the USA, the Scandinavian nations and other European nations the opportunity to receive quality healthcare services at affordable costs.  Read More

Popular Destinations for Medical Tourism in Poland

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Featured Medical Providers and Healthcare Centers in Poland

Damian Medical Center

Warsaw, Poland

Accreditation: ISO 9001

Languages: English, Polish

The Damian Medical Centre was established in 1994. It offers a wide range of medical care services provided in the Hospital and five outpatient clinics. They employ physicians in all specialisations w...

Klinika Koryzna

Szczecin, Poland

Languages: English, German, Polish

Klinika Koryzna provides an excellent, very fast and effective treatments to its clients. Treatments, which are long, are executed in one or two days due to its innovative equipments. ​"Every bridge, ...

Medi Consult

Polska, Poland

Languages: English, German, Polish, Irish

Our plastic surgery clinic is one of the most modern private healthcare centre in Eastern Europe, operating as an outpatient and inpatient clinic. It specializes in the plastic surgery, attracting inc...


Warsaw, Poland

Languages: English, Polish, German

Where you will experience many unforgettable experiences in a relaxed atmosphere filled with traditional Polish hospitality. We offer comprehensive Spa & Wellness therapies that are an inspiring, ...

Carolina Medical Center

Warsaw, Poland

Accreditation: ISO 9001

Languages: English, Russian, German, Polish, Swedish

The Carolina Medical Center is one of the biggest and most modern orthopaedic hospitals in Europe. The Carolina Medical Center provides the highest standard of medical services to its patients, not on...
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