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Knee Replacement Surgery Abroad Costs Just 30-50% of That in the U.S.

Knee replacement surgery costs $34,000 at U.S. hospitals, but only $19,200 in Singapore, $11,500 in Thailand;and just $9,500 in Costa Rica. Medical tourism gets you feeling better for way less.

Why Medical Tourism in Philippines

The world class medical facility available in Philippines has made it a popular choice for medical tourists around the globe. The reasons for the growing popularity of Philippines as a tourist destination are given below:

Key strengths of Philippines for medical tourism

- The hospitals in Philippines offer excellent treatment at affordable prices.
- The health care facilities provide a variety of treatment ranging from high risk surgeries to cosmetic treatments.
- The hospital staff are friendly and highly efficient.
- English is widely spoken as it is considered a second language in Philippines.
- Philippines offers a patient friendly locale, where one can indulge in the natural beauty of the surroundings and also enjoy the benefits of spa treatments and massages at many resorts.

1. A low-cost medical treatments

In Philippines, one can get medical treatments at surprisingly low costs. Apart from the surgical procedures, the medications which are required during the recovery process also cost less in this country. The living cost in Philippines is also very low when compared to foreign countries. So, even if the accommodation and transportation costs are added, the total treatment cost for visitors will be very much lower than their home country. One can choose from the many health care packages, which includes travel, accommodation, and hospital services. For getting best facilities, you will have to find the right hospitals to provide the exact services that you require.

2. Quick and remarkable service provided by hospitals

In a Philippines medical center, one needn’t face the long waiting queues and insurance hassles in order to get treatment. The hospitals are also equipped with the latest tools and medical facilities. Due to all these reasons, more and more international tourists are visiting this island nation for enjoying their holiday and getting medical treatment as well.

3. Hospitals of international standards

Philippines medical tourism offers the services of many super specialty clinics and over 2000 hospitals. The capital city of Manila, which also contains many popular tourist spots, is considered to be the hub of medical tourism in Philippines. The city boasts medical schools of international standards and hospitals with admirable infrastructure. The private rooms in these hospitals have facilities that are at par with five star hotel rooms.

4. Highly qualified staff

The staff in these hospitals is highly skilled and the facilities offered are at par with the standards that are available in developed countries. Most of the medical staff has international exposure, being trained and having worked in places like US, Australia, and UK. They are also updated on the latest advancements in the field of medical science. Most of the doctors spend almost 2 months a year in the US, for advanced studies so as to be fully updated with the latest developments in their field of work. The medical staff over here is extremely courteous, hospitable, and always at your service, thus making your treatment phase a relaxed and tension-free one.

5. Easy to travel

Traveling to Philippines is quite easy as its capital city is well connected to almost all the major airports in the world. The US and Canadian visitors to Philippines are permitted to stay up to 21 days upon arrival. Those who wish to stay for a longer period should obtain a visa before they leave their native country.

6. No language hassles

Foreign tourists in Philippines will not have any trouble in getting around as English is spoken by almost 90 percent of the population here. Hospital rules dictate that all communication should be carried out in English. The medical staff can easily explain to their patients all they know regarding the medications to be taken and the precautions that should be followed after the treatment. This reduces the chances of misunderstanding which can occur between a foreign patient and a doctor. Moreover, the health care centers in Philippines have help desks and translators at your service, round the clock.

7. Variety of medical services offered

Philippines medical tourism offers services like hip and knee replacements, spine treatment, dental services, cardiac care, infertility treatments, cancer therapy, weight loss treatments, and many other procedures. Dental services are one of the most sought-after treatments in the country as they offer dental surgery, dental implant treatments, prosthetic dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry. There are also many health travelers who opt for cosmetic surgery procedures like face lifts, thread lifts, and laser surgeries.

8. Patient-friendly locale

Tourists who undergo treatment in Philippines have the option of recuperating at any of the islands in the country. The islands provide a stress-free environment and also allow for proper after-care and follow-up treatments. You can treat yourself at many spa resorts and can experience a quick and enjoyable recovery. The relaxation centers and natural health spas offer packages that include organic diets, detoxification processes, massages, and meditation. The geographical proximity of Philippines to countries like Taiwan, Japan, Australia, and South Korea, which have highly expensive medical services, is another reason behind the huge success of Philippines medical tourism.

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