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Malaysia a Mecca for Medical Tourists!

Drawing most of its patients from the rapidly developing economies of India, China and Indonesia, Malaysia’s health tourism increased by 15% in 2013. 

Healthcare System and Quality in Panama

Healthcare in Panama is provided by both public institutions and the private sector. Panama’s health system is composed of three systems including National Health Care, a free or very low cost system for the poor, a Social Security system that provides healthcare that employers and employees contribute into and the Private System used by many middle, upper class Panamanians and medical tourists.    

Currently the government has initiated a drive to improve health infrastructure across the provinces with 5 new hospitals to help address a shortfall in medical services to Panama’s underserved provinces.  The quality of services in public institutions can vary considerably, with most middle and upper class citizens and international patients inevitably choosing the efficient and effective private sector for their medical needs. The private medical sector is led by four flagship hospitals including Clinica Hospital San Fernando, Centro Medico Paitilla, Hospital Punta Pacifica and Hospital Nacional all located in its capital, Panama City and features the best in technology, medical resources and doctors.  

Patients travel to receive medical treatment in one of the private hospitals or specialist clinics for medical services including Orthopedic surgery, Neurosurgery, Cancer treatment, Fertility treatment, Cosmetic surgery, Dental treatment and Oral surgery.  

Hospitals and Doctors Standards in Panama

One of the highlights of the Panamanian healthcare system is the quality of its healthcare professionals. The quality of care at the country’s leading private facilities rivals that of comparable hospitals in Europe, Canada and the United States. Doctors are well trained, many are educated abroad or received training. It’s not uncommon to receive very personalized care and attention from Panamanian doctors that is not often seen in their first world counterparts. The leading hospitals in the country have established affiliations with leading US institutions and put investment and resources to improve its healthcare capability.

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