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India Has Wrapped Its Mind Around Stroke

If you need an Acute Stroke (brain attack) program, head to Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad in India! The facility was the first hospital in the world to receive JCI certification for such a program!

Mexico City Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is the preferred medical tourism destination for a substantial number of US citizens. Many U.S. and Canadians also visit the city for medical reasons. The low cost of medical treatment together with the warm climate has proved to be a decisive factor for medical tourists. 

Mexico City has been known for cosmetic surgery, weight loss surgery and dentistry for a while now. The city is rapidly becoming known for orthopedic procedures, the quality of which are considered to be at par with U.S. standards. Other popular medical procedures include hip replacements, eye surgery, open heart surgery, gastric bypass operations and fertility treatments. 

Why Health Tourism in Mexico City?

Patients from USA and Canada travel to Mexico City for medical tourism. The reasons are not far to seek - Mexican healthcare standards are comparable to the best in the world; medical costs are much more competitive when compared to neighboring nations.

Medical tourists receive high quality care in cardiology, cosmetic/plastic surgery, orthopaedic and dental procedures, which are done at internationally known hospitals. Mexico City has three of the best hospitals in the country: Hospital Espagnol, Hospital Angeles and Medica Sur. Private rooms with modern facilities and high standards of nursing care make sure that the patient is comfortable in every way. 

Mexican medical professionals are extremely well trained and have worked on the latest medical technologies. They are adept in prevention, surgical and specialty procedures. The city also receives a number of visitors keen to experience the warm climate and the beautiful and vibrant beaches. English is widely spoken in the metropolis, which makes it relatively easy to communicate with both medical professionals and locals.

Featured Medical Providers and Healthcare Centers in Mexico City

Centro de Odontología y Ortodoncia

Mexico City, Mexico

Languages: English, Spanish

Our main objective is to offer patients the highest standard of dental care in all our fields of dentistry, through professional, personalized attention using state-of-the-art technology; regulated by...

Angeles Pedregal

Mexico City, Mexico

Accreditation: NHA

Languages: English, Spanish

Hospital Angeles Pedregal features 189 hospital rooms, including luxurious suites, designed to create a friendly and serene ambience that contributes to the rapid recovery of the patient.

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