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There's a 7 Out Of 10 Chance You Will Get The Best Medical Care In Asia

The MTQUA explored medical tourism hospitals by high-quality care and patient safety. With these criteria, they put together a 2013 list of top 10 medical tourism hospitals in the world-- and 7 of them were in Asia!

Why Medical Tourism in Malaysia

The rise in popularity of Malaysia as a medical tourism destination can be attributed to many factors, some of which are mentioned below:

Key strengths of Malaysia for medical tourism

- Malaysia offers excellent health care at very affordable prices.
The medical staff in the hospitals is highly qualified and they cater to all the needs of the patients.
The hospitals have excellent infrastructure and they function in such a way so as to avoid long queues and provide quick and quality treatment.
Malaysia is a beautiful country with excellent recuperation facilities for medical travelers.

1. Excellent medical services at unbelievably low prices

Malaysia is a health care destination mostly visited by US and UK patients. The rising cost of health care in these countries is attracting more and more visitors to Malaysia. The exchange rate of currency in Malaysia is low, which attracts a large number of westerners to the place.

2. State-of-the art health care facilities

The health care in Malaysia is quite advanced, thus making the country one of the top 5 medical tourism destinations in the world. The country has a wide network of clinics and hospitals which have state-of-the art facilities and most modern infrastructure. These hospitals provide a large variety of procedures and medical services which include dental, cardiac surgery, and cosmetic plastic surgery, at unbelievably low prices. People coming in for cosmetic surgery can also choose the package of their choice which includes luxury accommodations or recuperating after the surgery.

The country has also shown a high success rate in fertility treatments. Malaysia medical tourism gives you the opportunity to go for many holistic services like Unani, Ayurveda, and traditional Chinese medicine offered by the country. These alternative treatments are proven to cure the illness, compliment the general treatments, and also increase the body’s resistance.

3. Presence of highly qualified professionals

Most of the medical professionals in Malaysia hospitals have received their certifications from abroad. This international exposure enables them to relate with patients from different cultures and also helps them to offer the safest and latest medical practices. In Malaysia, patients do not have to visit many hospitals for various treatments. This is because most of the hospitals in the country provide a large number of facilities under one roof itself.

4. No language barrier

Malaysia is a multicultural country with English being a language that’s widely spoken among its residents. Speaking English is a norm in the Malaysian medical community. The hospitals also have international patient help centers and translators for the aid of foreign medical tourists who are visiting them.

5. Provides quick service

At the hospitals in Malaysia, you can get treatment without having to face a long waiting list. The patients may get hospitalized on their arrival and the remaining tests and examinations are also done in a prompt manner. The efficient and organized patient registration systems help in reducing long patient queues. The treatments and medicines are dispensed to patients as quickly as possible so that they can decide whether to return home or to recuperate at a location of their choice.

6. Excellent recuperation facilities

Malaysia healthcare centers, which are a part of the medical tourism program, also arrange for post-procedure aftercare facilities at highly impressive places. The patients can also relax at the hospital rooms or at nearby places, where the medical practitioners can keep a close watch on them.

7. A peaceful environment

The surroundings outside the Malaysian medical facilities also act as a high impetus for attracting health tourists. The country is quite peaceful and is free from threats of any sorts. The crime rate in Malaysia is also extremely low, which serves as another attraction for tourists around the world. The people of Malaysia are very welcoming and hospitable. The country has a high social and economic stability and the literacy rate over there is very high. The scenic beauty, amazing food, and friendly residents also distinguish Malaysia from other medical tourism destinations in Asia and around the world.

8. A tourist paradise

Malaysia offers its visitors a large number of exotic locations. So, if you are in Malaysia for medical treatment, you can also take some time to roam around the place. In addition to the innumerable number of malls, shopping destinations, and historic buildings, you can get to see beautiful beaches, lush green forests, and mountains, on a travel to Malaysia.

9. Easy to travel

Traveling to Malaysia is also quite easy as the capital city of Kuala Lumpur is well-connected by air, to all other major destinations in the world. Getting from one city to the other is also quite easy as they are very well connected by public and private modes of transportation. The procedures of traveling to the country are very easy when compared to many other countries in Asia.

10. Visa benefits for medical tourists

Travelers from Western countries will get a 3 months’ Visa once they come to Malaysia and hence they needn’t apply for Visa beforehand. With a letter from the medical centre where you are receiving treatment, you will be able to obtain a visa extension for up to 6 months.

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