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Your Healthcare Holiday Dollars go Farther in Thailand

Medical costs in the West are skyrocketing and patients are flocking to Asia to save, particularly to Thailand where outlays for treatment are generally five to ten times less than what they’d be in the US and Europe.

Healthcare System and Quality in Malaysia

There are many hospitals in Malaysia that are accredited at an international level by the JCI (Joint Commission International). The Malaysian Society for Quality in Health (MSQH) also issues accreditation on a national level to the hospitals to ensure the maintenance of quality in health care.

The Ministry of health in Malaysia works with various healthcare services to ensure that medical and health care quality is not compromised. According to the rules of quality assurance in health care, all healthcare providers are supposed to be licensed under the Health Care Facilities Act of 1998. The association of private hospitals in Malaysia also strives to bring about the quality required in health care. Many of the hospitals in the country have both national and international accreditation.

The Malaysian government is also taking huge steps to promote medical tourism in the country. The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) has been set up to promote and position Malaysia as the premier healthcare destination in the region. Under the current tourism development program, 35 private hospitals in Malaysia have been chosen to promote medical tourism. The Malaysian Ministry of Health has also launched a website to support the mission, and they are considering including wellness centers, in addition to hospitals, in their medical tourism offerings. A wealth of information is available at, the official site for Medical Tourism in Malaysia.

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