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Brazil Gets Credit For Helping Start Medical Tourism

Brazil originally opened up medical options for patients outside of the US! In 1999, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein was the first outside of the US to be accredited by JCI.

Why Medical Tourism in Japan

Japan has a lot to offer to anybody visiting there as a tourist. The rich culture, serene beauty of the place and warmth of Japanese hospitality has always attracted tourists to this place.  In recent times, however, getting best-of-the-breed healthcare has been added to the list of reasons for visiting Japan. As a country, Japan enjoys the best health status in the world, with the highest life expectancy and lowest infant mortality rate. The average age of Japanese people is around 83 years. Although, healthy eating habits of the Japanese do contribute to good health, it is mainly influenced by the world-class healthcare services provided in Japan. The country’s low-cost and high-quality healthcare service is actually the base of the nation’s longevity. Japan introduced universal health coverage in 1961, promising access to healthcare for every single citizen.

Key Strengths of Japan for Medical Tourism

Despite being a more recently popular destination, Japan has a leveraged status in the medical tourism industry due to the presence of certain vital factors. The following are some aspects that make Japan a good choice for all your healthcare needs: 

1. Low cost of medical treatments

The high quality of Japanese healthcare comes at an unbelievably low cost. The government of Japan controlled the cost of healthcare through the Unified Fee Schedule. The per capita expenditure in Japan is 30 percent lower than Germany and 63 percent lower than the United States of America on a purchasing power parity basis.

2. Quality of healthcare service in Japan

Traditionally Japan has been known for its minimally invasive treatment procedures. In several, fields Japan enjoys a competitive advantage for providing medical treatments. This is a result of the availability of highly skilled professionals and the most advanced medical technology.

3. Infrastructure of healthcare facilities

With access to world-class technology, Japanese healthcare facilities boast highly advanced medical equipment, which result in quicker diagnosis and faster treatments. The quality standard of Japanese healthcare facilities matches the best in the world.

4. Highly trained and skilled staff

Most of the doctors teaching at medical schools in Japan have either studied or practiced overseas. The combination of skill and cutting edge technology makes Japan an ideal choice to meet any healthcare needs.

5. Accessibility to most advanced diagnostic equipment

Japan’s hi-tech culture has offered a lot of innovation in the field of medical equipment and technology. For instance, by using endoscopy, Japanese doctors can operate on patients by making a small surgical wound, resulting in quicker recovery and extremely low risk of infection. Over the years, Japan has made major advancements in the field of cancer treatment, especially in proton or heavy-ion radiotherapy, which minimizes the side effects of normal radiotherapy, thus making it easier to treat cancer in early stages, when it is difficult to do surgery.

6. Specialty Treatment facilities for range of ailments

Japan offers treatments for almost kinds of medical ailments. With the major research efforts in the field of Cancer has resulted in some highly effective treatment methods, which are not commonly available in most countries. Early diagnosis and treatment of such life threatening ailments makes Japan one of the best places to seek treatment at a really low cost compared to most developed countries.

7. Easy access for foreigners to Japan’s healthcare facilities

The Japanese government has made provisions in its travel policies to make it easier for foreign travelers seeking medical care to visit the country. To promote medical tourism, the Japanese government issues a six-month entry visa to medical tourists. This is double the duration of a regular tourist visa.

8. Beautiful destinations for a pleasant stay and recovery

Japan has always been known for its rich culture and scenic beauty. The country has a lot to offer when it comes to a relaxed vacation in the midst of snowy mountains and cherry blossoms. It makes Japan a perfect place for medical tourism as the quiet beauty of the country helps patients recover from ailments after treatment, in the most relaxing manner.

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