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International Patients Care About What's On The Inside and Outside

Your looks, your teeth, and your heart affect you on a daily basis, and that is why medical tourists are traveling abroad to fix these things. For medical tourism, cosmetic surgery, dentistry, and cardiovascular treatments ranked highest in popularity!

Jerusalem Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in Jerusalem, Israel

The true feel of Jerusalem can be appreciated by stepping into its local Arab market, which houses, fabulous shops replete with furniture, food, wine, olive oil, cashmere, jewelry, and souvenirs. Health tourists often stop by these intriguing markets, and get a cup of the local coffee or Kaffee, as they say it in Jerusalem, while strolling by its curious marketplace. Medical facilities in Jerusalem are known for their neurology, cardiology (heart surgery) , in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures. Rheumatic and dermatological conditions are treated as well, and make use of the benefits offered by the hot springs in the Dead Sea. The medical tourism packages offered in Jerusalem work out cost-effectively which is why thousands of medical tourists flock the city each year.

Why Health Tourism in Jerusalem?

Jerusalem is among Europe's leading medical tourism destinations with an impressive number of scientific research institutions and medical care facilities. The city has lodged itself on the world map for being one of the leaders in oncology treatments. The specialist and physician numbers in the capital city of Israel are high, and it also has high life expectancy and low infant mortality rates. Hospitals in Jerusalem specialize in high-profile treatments such as cardiac surgeries and bone marrow transplant. Medical facilities here are also known for their neurological surgeries and successful IVF treatments. The hot springs in the Dead Sea offer alternative treatments to patients with rheumatologic and dermatological conditions.

Jerusalem also has a lot of offerings for patients that come in looking for tourist opportunities post-treatment. Jerusalem is home to various tourist hotspots such as archeological sites, the Biblical Zoo, Arab bazaars, and has access to Israel's biggest city Haifa, the Tel Aviv beaches, Bethlehem, each serving up a different side of Israel to its visitors on their medical vacation.

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Jerusalem Dental

Jerusalem, Israel

Languages: English, Hebrew, Arabic

Dr. Simone Landau-Suttner and Associates is a community-minded family dentist's practice committed to providing a comprehensive range of high quality dental services rendered with the latest technique...

Dr. Robert Sreter - Dental Practice

Jerusalem, Israel

Languages: English, Hebrew, Arabic

Dr. Robert Sreter and his staff would like to welcome you to our practice and thank you for selecting us to serve your dental needs. The goal of this  office is to provide you with the very best ...

Alyn Hospital

Jerusalem, Israel

Languages: English, Hebrew, Arabic

ALYN Hospital is one of the world's leading specialists in pediatric rehabilitation and is the only facility of its kind in Israel.  ALYN specializes in diagnosis and the rehabilitation of infant...
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