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Weight Loss Surgery is a Snip in Costa Rica

In the US a gastric bypass costs around $30,000, but travel to sunny Costa Rica and the same procedure costs around $12,000!

Why Medical Tourism in Israel

Israel boasts of a rich tradition, and is known for its religion, history as well as archeology. Israel is known to play host for many international medical conferences that reflect on its strong foothold in the healthcare industry. Medical tourists who visit Israel are typically from European nations. Several medical tourists from Cyprus visit Israel to undergo bone marrow transplant procedures, which they don't have access to in their country. Other tourists who visit Israel are from Australia, Russia, South Africa and the US. The popular treatments include fertility treatments, cosmetic surgeries, and other complex procedures.

Key Strengths of Israel for medical tourism

- Cutting edge technology and equipment
- Well-established medical research institutes
- Biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies
- High success rates in IVF treatment
- Affordable and high-quality medical care 

Why should you consider Israel for medical tourism?

1. Natural Dead Sea treatments

The Dead Sea has numerous therapeutic benefits for patients suffering from dermatological, rheumatic and lung diseases. The lowered UV ray components, high atmospheric pressure, mineral content in the water, and other geo-climatic factors are known to have specific therapeutic effects on patients.

2. Competitive prices

Israel offers numerous medical treatments at reasonable prices, making it a popular medical tourism destination for affordable healthcare. For instance, uninsured patients who would spend $120,000 in the US for a bypass surgery, can undergo the same in Israel for one-fourth of the price. Same goes with IVF treatments which are under $3,500 in Israel as opposed to the US’s steep $16,000-$20,000 price.

3. World-class healthcare facilities and proven success rates

Israel has inked joint ventures with some of the leading hospitals in the West. There are also JCI (Joint Commission International) hospitals in Israel that offer high-quality medical treatment. Along with the presence of sophisticated technological equipments, Israel is also home to some of the best surgeon's around the world, including oncology treatments and IVF treatments. The average success rate of IVF treatment is around 20 percent per cycle globally, the success rates in Israel are 25-30 percent per cycle, exceeding the world average.

4. Advanced medical researches

Israel is a forerunner in the medical research space. Various research institutes in Israel are making groundbreaking discoveries in medicine, while the presence of biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies is also enhancing its research activities. In fact, many of these centers reciprocate with international scientific and medical research centers that keep them well-informed about the latest findings in the industry. Many of these innovations are first fabricated in Israel before they are even approved by the FDA or EU.

5. The language barrier is virtually absent

Many of Israel's medical practitioners train abroad and return to Israel to take forward practice. It isn't uncommon to find doctors who are proficient in English and Hebrew, along with a host of other languages such as Russian, Spanish and French. This makes it easier for medical tourists to communicate with the practitioner, not letting them feel alienated or asking for an interpreter or mediator, in several cases.

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