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Americans Would Rather Travel Than Pay High Costs

Affordable, quality care apparently trumps the commitment to travel. Approximately 50 million uninsured Americans are choosing medical tourism rather than pay for medical care in the US.

Healthcare System and Quality in India

Healthcare services in India have always been a combination of traditional methods and modern medicine. Until a few decades ago, most hospitals were government run. But off late, health care in India has been transformed.

Hospitals these days are either corporate or private and ensure their customer are given world-class service. Corporate hospitals are required to give equal care to people who may be a little economically backward as well. The doctors who work at these hospitals are highly skilled and provide a high quality of health care.

Hospitals and Doctors Standards in India

High end technology is used in most hospitals and specialists take care of complex treatments like joint replacements, heart surgery and neurosurgery. The education and accreditation system of hospitals and doctors in India are extremely strict and well regulated. A large percentage of doctors specialize abroad in counties like Germany, the UK, Australia and the States, bringing quality standards from the western world to India.

India's private health care is booming and will soon be worth billions of dollars. India has set up expertise in complicated sectors like cardiac care, ophthalmology and cosmetic surgery. All clinics and health care providers are thoroughly and carefully assessed before being licensed, leaving little room for any form of negligence. Hospital standards and the services offer by doctors are of the highest quality.

The combination of low cost health care and the chance to experience some of the world's most ancient cultures attracts people from all over the world to India for medical tourism.

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