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Save Your Heart and Your Bank Account

Heart surgery can break the bank. An American heart bypass procedure can cost a patient over $144,000. Patients are finding medical tourism a more sensible option, with an Indian heart bypass procedure only costing around $5,200.

Healthcare System and Quality in Hungary

Hungary has achieved successful transition from an overly centralized health-system to a purchaser provider, decentralized model. Influenced by the French and German healthcare systems, coverage is universal and provides access to all ambulatory and secondary hospital care. Since the 1990s, Hungary has seen substantial increases in life expectancy in among men and women, but many health outcomes still remain poor as compared to other European nations. 

Both private sector and public institutions play an active role in the healthcare system and market. International patients receiving Dental treatments, Cosmetic and Aesthetic treatment, Ophthalmological interventions, Fertility treatments are mainly provided by private clinics but other procedures like Joint Surgery, Rehabilitation, Ophthalmologic operation, Cancer treatment are mainly provided by public health institutions.

Hospitals and Doctors Standards in Hungary

The professional skills and knowledge of Hungarian physicians are acknowledge worldwide.  Strict regulations govern the oversight of doctors in Hungary, with 50 mandatory hours a year of continuing education for licensed practitioners, higher than many European and American requirements. For example, cosmetic surgeons must complete up to 13 years of study. Following six years of medical school, future cosmetic surgeons must be trained in a clinical setting for three to five years depending on specialization. Then they can apply for accreditation which requires a further one or two years of study. This ensures a high standard and qualifications of the doctor in their specialty. Private medical facilities have invested heavily in obtaining the latest technology, instruments and resources to upgrade its treatment capabilities and serve international patients with the highest standards.

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