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Hungary Visa Requirements for Medical Tourists

Hungary’s popularity for visitors seeking medical treatment is increasing every year, due to low prices and high quality care. Well known for its excellence in dentistry, Hungary is also Europe’s medical spa capital renowned for its thermal baths and healing waters. Hungary became a member of the Schengen Area on 1 January 2008. Under the Schengen agreement transiting from one country to another within the Schengen area is done without border controls. 

Citizens of the United States, Canada, Brazil, China, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland do not require a visa for a stay of up to 90 days in Hungary.   

Visitors can apply and enter Hungary with a medical visa under the category of residence permit if they are intending to stay over 90 days. For a residence permit for medical treatment: the name and address of the health institution is needed including: 

Certificate of the nature and the expected duration of the medical treatment. 
Evidence of the financial coverage for the medical treatment and the stay in Hungary
Evidence of the accommodation arrangements in Hungary provided the applicant
        does not stay in the medical institution is necessary.

***It is advisable to contact an embassy, consulate, or similar expert in visa requirements prior to traveling for your care. Please click here for more information about tourist visas to Hungary

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