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Turkey Leads The West

Western medical tourism is taking off, and Turkey is leading the charge! With 51 JCI accredited hospitals, it is leading the European medical tourism industry as of December 2013.

Why Medical Tourism in Hungary

Hungary offers patients and tourists a rich cultural experience, the healing waters of a plethora of thermal baths and high quality medical services at competitive prices. Hungary has a leading role in European medical tourism, in part because of its long experience and practice treating patients in the international market. Since joining the EU, medical tourism to Hungary has become even more diversified and more international. Hungarian doctors receive extensive training in their specialization and most complete a highly demanding medical education. It’s possible to fly to Hungary, enjoys its tremendous historical sights, experience its culture, go shopping and still save somewhere between 40-70% off of equivalent treatments in the US, UK or Scandinavian countries. Hungary has a well-known and established tradition in dental tourism, but now also plays a leading role in developing and attracting international patients to seek treatment in plastic and cosmetic surgery, orthopedic surgery, addiction programs, eye surgery, and dermatology and anti-aging treatments.

Key Strengths of Hungary for medical tourism

- Long establishment as the dental capital of Europe 
- Historical bath culture and large number of thermal baths and medical spas to rejuvenate after surgery
- High quality European standard medical treatment at internationally competitive rates
- Considered one of flagship destinations for European medical tourism

Why should you consider Hungary for your health care needs?

Medical tourists are choosing to travel to seeking treatment in Hungary for a variety of reasons including:

1. Reputation of excellent dentists and doctors that complete rigorous medical education and training

Hungary has a strong tradition in education and in the sciences. Hungary is well known for its extremely demanding medical education, with many Hungarian specialists that also teach and practice internationally. A quarter of medical students in Hungary come from abroad to study at one of the four internationally recognized medical universities in the country, to complete their studies in general medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine in English and German. Hungary doctors must complete 50 hours a year of further education to be able to practice, usually twice the number of hours required from their western counterparts.

2. Internationally competitive prices with high quality care available

Salaries in Hungary are still considerably lower than in Western Europe, which translates to huge cost-savings from low labor costs. It is possible to save anywhere from 40-70% off of dental treatments and over 50% off of cosmetic surgery procedures as compared to Western European and US prices. Not only are prices affordable, but Hungary offers an excellent value, with private clinics having invested heavily in their treatments and facilities to keep the treatment received up to Western Europeans standards at internationally competitive prices.

3. Wide offering of medical treatments available to cater to international patients

Hungary is well known for dentistry, patients seeking dental treatment are drawn because of the latest medical knowledge, technology and tremendous cost-savings. Hungary has developed and nurtured other specializations and is also considered strong in plastic and orthopedic surgery, cardiac rehabilitation, fertility treatments, dermatology and anti-aging treatments, obesity and eye treatments.

4. Easily accessible, favorable exchange rate with good language capabilities to deal with international patients

Hungary is in a convenient location in Central Europe and is easily accessible by low-cost carriers from all over Europe. Favorable exchanges rates of the Hungarian currency mean Hungary is now even more affordable for international patients. A high standard of English and other languages are spoken at all private clinics, hotels and public institutions treating foreign patients.

5. Wide range of tourism opportunities for medical tourists

Hungary offers visitors a thousand year old history with a unique culture, cuisine and many architectural treasures. Many visitors choose to visit Lake Balaton, the largest freshwater lake in Central Europe and one of its foremost tourist destinations. Hungary has more medical spas than anywhere in Europe. Hungary also offers visitors a number of wellness hotels where they can bath in healing water, receive dental treatments, massage therapy, go to a beauty salon all in one place.

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