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Turkey Leads The West

Western medical tourism is taking off, and Turkey is leading the charge! With 51 JCI accredited hospitals, it is leading the European medical tourism industry as of December 2013.

Athens Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in Athens, Greece

Athens is the focal city of medical tourism in Greece. This is the direct result of the world-class urban infrastructure and more than adequate social amenities that are made available to medical tourists who visit the region. While the fully modernized Eleftherios Venizelos Airport makes for an excellent landing, the new Attiki Odos Motorway makes journey within the city much easier.

Hospitals in Athens offer treatment in medical specialties like, Cosmetic surgery procedures, Orthopedics surgery, Assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures, Chemotherapy continuation, Dental care, Robotic surgery, Hemodialysis, health check-up, and Bariatric surgery procedures.

Of particular repute is the JCI accredited Diagnostic and Therapeutic Center of Athens, Hygeia S.A. It is a large private hospital that offers patients a number of advanced medical services like Gamma Knife Brain Radiosurgery, PET-CT, Robotic Surgery, Interventional Neuroradiology, Transcatheter Heart Valve Therapies, Kidney Transplantation, and Radiotherapy and Oncology.

Athens is the perfect place to recover after a surgery. The vibrant city is a ready source of mental sustenance for continued good health.

Why Health Tourism in Athens?

Medical tourists in Athens have the added advantage of being treated within the Eurozone. European Union (EU) membership has made international currency exchanges stable and easier. Competitive pricing of medical services with respect to other medical tourism destinations has made Athens an attractive place to be treated and to recover in. 

The Greek city of Athens is uniquely positioned between Europe and North Africa. This geographical position has made its weather ideal for medical tourism. Unlike other European cities, summers in Athens can be felt most months of the year. Winters are much milder. Medical tourists can appreciate the city without any climate related problems.

Athens also has an excellent transportation network. Roads are excellent. Encircling motorways like the Attiki Odos assists faster movement through the metropolis. Intra-Athens public transport includes buses, trams and the ever-expanding Athens Metro. Greek cuisine is delicious and very healthy. 

Featured Medical Providers and Healthcare Centers in Athens

IVF Athens Center

Athens, Greece

Accreditation: ISO 9001

Languages: English, Greek

The IVF Athens Center started operating 6 years ago, in order to fulfill a vision: to help as many couples as possible to experience the miracle of birth of their own child!

All these y...


Athens, Greece

Accreditation: ISO 9001

Languages: English, Greek

The private General Surgical Clinic “GENESIS ATHENS”, which has been operating only since late 2004, yet has already made a difference in the sensitive health industry. 


Mitera Hospital

Athens, Greece

Accreditation: ISO 9001

Languages: English, Greek

The birth of a child is a unique and priceless experience.

Preparing for, and most importantly, taking care of a new life poses a major challenge for Medical Science.


HYGEIA Hospital

Athens, Greece

Accreditation: ISO 9001, JCI

Languages: English, Russian, Greek

HYGEIA Hospital is the first large Private Hospital that has operated in Greece since 1974, and is currently one of the largest private hospital units in our country.

It was founded in ...
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