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Turkey Leads The West

Western medical tourism is taking off, and Turkey is leading the charge! With 51 JCI accredited hospitals, it is leading the European medical tourism industry as of December 2013.

Greece Visa Requirements for Medical Tourists

There are a number of nationalities that do not require a visa to enter Greece. These include all countries within the European Union as well as Canada, the United States, Japan, and Australia. Citizens of EU countries and non-EU countries with a visa waiver are permitted to visit Greece for a period of up to 90 days without a visa within any 180-day period as a tourist.

Travelers to Greece may need to demonstrate sufficient funds for the trip at the port of entry. They must also have a confirmed to-and-fro ticket or a ticket to a further international destination. It is preferable that the traveler have effectual accidental or health insurance with international validity. 

Note that U.S citizens having diplomatic or official passports are required to compulsorily obtain a visa before they arrive at Greek ports. Such persons without visas will not be allowed to set foot in Greek soil under any circumstances.

*** It is advisable to contact an embassy, consulate, or similar expert in visa requirements prior to traveling for your care. Please click here for more information about visas to Greece.

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