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Millions Of Patients Equal One Top Spot

Add 2.5 million international tourists, a variety of health services, and great deals, and you get the top spot for medical tourism! In 2012, Thailand ranked as the most visited medical tourism destination in the world!

Why Medical Tourism in Germany

Every year Germany sees over 70,000 medical travelers visiting the country. It stands in the fourth place among the leading destinations for medical tourism worldwide, according to a market study. In fact, the healthcare system in Germany is considered to be among Europe's best. All these facts have made Germany serve as a hotspot for healthcare tourists from around Europe for centuries now.

Typically, it is patients from Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, the US and the UK, who can furnish the required financial resources and travel to Germany for its high-standard medical care. The reputation and expertise of German medical practitioners has made many Arab and Gulf patients travel to the country for medical care as well. Neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, cardiac surgery, fertility treatment, oncology, rehabilitation, ophthalmology and nephrology are common treatments for which medical tourists travel to Germany.

Key Strengths of Germany for medical tourism 

- Leading medical research and healthcare equipment manufacture organizations
- High-standard medical institutions with well-trained professionals
- Access to modern medical treatments
- Low waiting period from abundance of quality healthcare professionals
- Well-rounded rehabilitation and aftercare provisions

Why should you consider Germany for your healthcare needs?

1. Well-trained medical practitioners and high doctor-patient ratios

Medical professionals in Germany go through well-rounded training processes before they begin their practice. The exceptional medical education and training standards ensure that only the best professionals practice in healthcare facilities. Furthermore, Germany boasts of about 380 physicians for every 100,000 people on an average. These numbers exceed the average ratios of both Canada and the US. Western medical tourists choose Germany for this reason as it considerably brings down their waiting time, while also giving them access to high-standard medical care that matches up to the standards of healthcare facilities back home.

2. High-quality medical care and after-care provisions

The quality of Germany's healthcare system has made it a reliable medical tourism destination for patients around the world, while it also offers some complex medical treatments that patients may not have access to. Medical facilities in Germany are subjected to certification and accreditation processes under the surveillance of governmental bodies, that helps pit them against international-standard medical institutions. These facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows doctors to perform complex medical care procedures efficiently and pay special attention to the after-care of patients. There are several rehabilitation and physical therapy centers across Germany that cater to patient after-care, allowing for a speedy recovery in a relaxing environment.

3. Access to medical equipment from leading manufacturers

Europe’s largest medical device manufacturing market is in Germany. Siemens, Drager and Bayer are some leading players in the healthcare industry who are established in Germany. The presence of these healthcare giants allows Germany to enjoy the benefit of accessing cutting-edge medical technology and equipment before it is released elsewhere. Germany also has a wealth of medical universities that spearhead global medical research and ensure that the healthcare industry stays abreast with advances in the medical field.

4. Leading in Integrative Medicine approach

Traditional medicine may be combined with alternative medicine and holistic wellness therapies while treating patients in Germany. The country has over 350 spa and health resorts that combine conventional medical practices with naturopathic treatments that make use of thermal springs, mineral water, mud wraps, Kneipp hydrotherapy, Schroth treatments to enhance the overall health of the patient. The holistic treatment approach addresses the exercise, nutrition and relaxation requirements of the patient while treating medical conditions.

5. High standard of medical treatments with value for money

The treatment costs in Germany are higher when compared to other medical tourism destinations like Eastern Europe or Asia. However, the quality of treatment is in a different level, which justifies the associated medical expenses. Even so, the medical treatment cost in Germany is about 50 percent its cost in the US.

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