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Turkey Leads The West

Western medical tourism is taking off, and Turkey is leading the charge! With 51 JCI accredited hospitals, it is leading the European medical tourism industry as of December 2013.

Czech Republic Medical Tourism

The Czech Republic lies at the heart of Central of Europe, a newly formed country established in 1993 when it broke off its 75 year union with Slovakia. The Czech Republic is bordered by Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia. Though not a big country, the Czech Republic has a rich and varied history with its share of influence from powerful families and individuals, various empires and communist rule.

The country is divided into two regions: Bohemia, plateau surrounded by mountains and Moravia, consisting mostly of hills and lowlands.  With many spa towns, the Czech Republic has been known for centuries as a place for refuge for its healing waters. More recently, the Czech Republic has gradually emerged as a leading European medical tourism destination, and realizing its huge medical tourism potential by being able to offer international patients access to historically excellent level of high-quality medical services at international competitive rates.   

The crown jewel of the country is its capital city, Prague is considered one of the world’s most beautiful cities with a highly cultured atmosphere and a dynamic music and art scene. Prague is also the center of Czech Republic’s medical tourism scene, where visitors can find high-quality treatments at affordable prices. Visitors are amazed by the sheer architectural beauty of the Czech Republic, not to mention the quant historic towns, assortment of castles and chateaux and natural beauty that the country has to offer. 

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Why Medical Tourism in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has rich history and is a very cultured nation situated in Central Europe. Since joining the EU in May 2004, the country has begun a steady march to embrace European solidarity and modernization, leading the way for a high number of tourist arrivals and ease of travel. Its location allows for easy access from many parts of Europe and from other destinations around the world. Prague, its capital, is the ... Read More

Healthcare System and Quality in Czech Republic

Since joining the EU in 2004, the Czech Republic has made great strides in meeting western standards of medicine. The Czechs can prides themselves as having one of the lowest infant mortality rates, higher than that of the US and UK. The population enjoys a virtually universal healthcare coverage and a broad range of benefits, with better health outcomes than the EU averages.  Read More

Czech Republic Visa Requirements for Medical Tourists

The Czech Republic also been making consistent efforts to attract patients from surrounding countries. As public health systems in western countries are starting to get overstretched, patients are turning to options abroad where they can receive high quality care at affordable rates and bypass long wait times.The Czech Republic has been seeing the influx of thousands of medical tourists each year due to its high medical s... Read More

Popular Destinations for Medical Tourism in Czech Republic

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Prague Dental Clinic

Prague, Czech Republic

Languages: English, Czech

Prague Dental Clinic offers complex dental services in the Klimentska Health Centrum. The clinic is equipped with the latest dental technology and our experienced doctors are at your service. Our basi...


Prague, Czech Republic

Languages: English, Czech

Welcome to Medical Travel, a new form of excellence dedicated to the needs of our clients. We are a young dynamic company driven by a group of people full of enthusiasm who help patients in making the...

Cellthera Clinic

Brno, Czech Republic

Languages: English, German, Czech, Russian, Slovak

Cellthera Clinic  is focused on usage of adipose and connective tissue derived stem cells in regenerative medicine. Cellthera uses the latest scientific knowledge gained from its own research act...

Na Homolce Hospital

Prague, Czech Republic

Accreditation: ISO 9001, JCI

Languages: English, German, Russian, Czech

Whether your hospital stay is planned or the result of unplanned events, our team of physicians, surgeons, nurses, laboratory technicians and other hospital employees is ready to provide you with the ...

Beauty in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Languages: English, Czech

Beauty in Prague as a provider of safe cosmetic surgery abroad offers a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures of the highest quality. All procedures are performed by the best cosmetic and plastic ...
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