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Weight Loss Surgery is a Snip in Costa Rica

In the US a gastric bypass costs around $30,000, but travel to sunny Costa Rica and the same procedure costs around $12,000!

Why Medical Tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a Central American country that enjoys a beautiful tropical climate throughout the year. According to United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Costa Rica is one of the very few countries that have a high Human Development Index (HDI) considering its income levels. Its rich culture, scenic beauty, white sand beaches and rainforests make it one of the most loved travel destinations in the world. 

It is not only leisure travelers and tourists who visit Costa Rica. People travel to the country for medical help as it has emerged as one of the top five medical tourism destinations in the world. Excellent healthcare, recovery centers and affordability make Costa Rica a sought-after destination for medical tourists, especially because of its proximity to North America. In the year 2011, the country earned nearly 196 million dollars through medical tourism alone, with an added 84 million dollars earned through patients' expenditure on travel, hotels, shopping and meals. 

Hospitals in Costa Rica offer a variety of medical treatments ranging from dentistry and dermatology, to general surgery and cosmetic surgery. Doctors here also specialize in orthopedics, preventive medicine, gynecology and bariatric surgery procedures. The reasons to choose Costa Rica for your healthcare are numerous, some of them are listed as per below.

Key strengths of Costa Rica for medical tourism


1. Internationally accredited hospitals

Hospitals and Clinics providing healthcare and medical treatment services in Costa Rica are accredited by international agencies like JCI, AAAASF and AAAHC. This ensures a certain degree of expertise and quality that is found in the healthcare system here.

2. Mature medical industry and experienced doctors

Costa Rica has been catering to the healthcare needs of medical tourists for over 15 years and has seen a steady growth in the sector. Relevant experience of the medical professionals who practice here makes it one of the top five medical tourism countries in the world. Most of the excellent doctors here have got their degrees abroad and speak very fluent English.

3. Strategically located for easy accessibility

Located strategically in Central America, this Latin country is easily accessible to North American countries like Canada and USA. This makes people save time on traveling and get their medical procedures done almost immediately.

4. Affordable medical care as compared to other countries

Medical costs in Costa Rica are very affordable, which includes travel, stay and food. People find that the combined costs of all these are still lower than the cost of the treatment alone in many other countries, especially in North America. Patients are able to save about 50 to 90 percent of what they would be expected to shell out otherwise. This also makes it one of the best options for those who do not have insurance cover, especially for dental care, elective surgery, and cosmetic surgery.

5. Warm climate quickens recovery

Being a tropical country, the climate here is always warm. This quickens the process of healing with minimal chances of infections. The need for artificial air conditioning or heating is not required and people who have undergone surgeries find that it works wonders for them. The warm climate in the country makes it an ideal destination that can be visited any time of the year.

6. No Waiting-time

One of the most important advantages of the Costa Rican healthcare system is that there is hardly any waiting time at hospitals and clinics. Your medical needs are addressed immediately so that you do not have to live in discomfort.

7. Specialized medical procedures

This includes certain treatments, procedures and operations which require a level of expertise and technology that may not be available in other places. Costa Rica is especially known for its dental, cosmetic and bariatric surgeries.

8. Spas and Recovery centers with luxurious amenities

Costa Rican healthcare has not ignored the important aspect of recovery in the treatment process. There are fantastic recovery centers and spa resorts that will take out the effort from recuperating. They are set in idyllic locations and provide all hotel facilities along with recovery care and therapy. You can choose the location for your recovery depending on the kind of surgery you have undergone. These places even offer services to individuals who have not had their treatment in the country, but just want to take a post treatment break in a different place.

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