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More Spas than Cities

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Healthcare System and Quality in Colombia

Colombia is one of the most rapidly growing economies in South America and has been recently touted to be one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in this part of the world. People are increasingly choosing to undergo medical treatment in this country, which also boasts a spectacular beauty and a richly diverse culture. Colombia ranks 22nd on the World Health Organization’s list of the best healthcare systems. Initiated in the 1990s, healthcare reforms have led to the massive improvements in the healthcare systems of the country, with more than 95 percent of the population being taken care of. 

The healthcare system in Colombia comprises of both public and private hospitals and clinics. Investments from both sectors for the development of medical tourism in the country has led to the establishment of world class hospitals and specialist clinics that are supported by extensive medical infrastructure. 

Hospital and doctor standards in Colombia

Colombia has a vast network of hospitals and clinics, both public and private that provide medical services to the locals and medical tourists alike. Some doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals providing services here have acquired their medical education from prestigious institutions like the University of Antiquia, the Fundacion Universitaria San Martin, The Instituto de Ciencias de la Salud and the University of the Pontifica Bolivariana. Besides this, most of the doctors receive international exposure and experience by getting their specializations in developed countries like the UK and the USA. They are experts in their respective fields of work and are abreast with the latest developments and treatments in the medical field in a constant effort to keep sharp their skills. Doctors like Manuel Elkin,  who is known throughout the world for his groundbreaking work on synthetic vaccines for malaria, have made this country proud. 

Colombia has 16 of the top 40 hospitals and clinics in the whole of Latin America. One of the most well known hospitals is the Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogota, which is also a Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited institution. Cardiology and oncology are two among 12 of the most well established specialties at the hospital, which is also a center for organ transplants. The Santa Fe hospital, in the recent times, has partnered with John Hopkins Hospital to participate in medical research in a collaborative manner. 

The Valley of Lilli Foundation Hospital located in Cali is the largest cardiology hospital in the country, while San Vincente se Paul’s University Hospital, located in Mendellin, is internationally known for its diagnostic procedures that makes use of the most technologically advanced methods and equipment. In addition to this, Fundacion Cardioinfantil or FCI specializes in treating heart problems in children and receives an international reference for hemodynamic monitoring and Electrophysiology. 

Medical tourists visit the hospitals and clinics in Colombia for specialized and quality medical services that include cardiology procedures, cosmetic procedures, neurology, dental treatments, stem cell therapy, ENT, ophthalmology, gynecology, organ transplants, joint replacements and fertility treatments among others. 

In addition, Colombia has strong research and development tradition, participating significantly in the development of critical care aids like pacemakers and technologically evolved, minimally evasive laparoscopic surgeries and transplants. 

The government of the country is making heavy investments in the medical industry to further propagate its reputation as a medical tourism destination to make sure that medical tourists are not only treated in a safe environment, but also receive quality medical services at affordable prices. 

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