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India Has Wrapped Its Mind Around Stroke

If you need an Acute Stroke (brain attack) program, head to Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad in India! The facility was the first hospital in the world to receive JCI certification for such a program!

Shanghai Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in Shanghai, China

Shanghai is China’s largest metropolis with a population of over 23 million people.  It is a world city that features prominently not only in Chinese culture and commerce, but also internationally as well.  As a hub for business, media, fashion, and technology, among other things, it attracts huge amounts of foreign visitors, too.  It is also becoming a popular medical travel destination due to its top-notch hospitals and clinics, wide array of accommodations, multiple transportation options, and the support of government agencies who are promoting it as a leading location for health tourism.

Why Health Tourism in Shanghai?

Shanghai has a little bit of something for everyone. World-class accommodations, interesting culture, amazing food, the city is a lively and diverse place that impresses visitors and expats alike.  If you are planning to visit as a medical tourist, you couldn’t ask for a better place.  In addition to feeling comfortable with the “holiday” part of your trip, the “medical” part is sure to be a success as well.  Shanghai’s doctors and hospitals are some of the best in China, maybe even the world, and the range of procedures available is as extensive as in the West, perhaps even more so if you are looking for alternative health-promotion treatments like Traditional Chinese Medicine. Overall, Shanghai is a safe and exciting destination for medical tourists.

Featured Medical Providers and Healthcare Centers in Shanghai

Shanghai United Family Hospital

Shanghai, China

Accreditation: JCI

Languages: English, Chinese

Shanghai United Family Hospital (SHU), a joint venture between Chindex International, Inc. (NASDAQ: CHDX) and the Shanghai Changning Central Hospital, is a member of the United Family Healthcare (UFH)...

Shanghai Time Plastic Surgery Hospital

Shanghai, China

Languages: English, Chinese

The Time is the place ,where you are promised to be taken good care of in all details by our medical staff with their expert skill ,and where you can enjoy the beauty of life. While your beautiful wis...

Longhua Hospital Shanghai University of TCM

Shanghai, China

Languages: English, Chinese

Founded in July 1960, Longhua Hospital Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the four oldest TCM clinical centers in China. Over 50 years, Longhua hospital has been dedicated t...
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