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Asia Leads the World in Hairline Restorations

Asia performs the highest number of surgical hair restoration procedures of any region, racking up 102,702 operations in 2012, according to industry data (ISHRS). That’s more than Canada, South and Central America and Europe combined.

Healthcare System and Quality in Canada

Canada’s healthcare system is publicly-funded. In fact, the country is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of a publicly-funded healthcare system, implementing relevant legislation by 1984. While the Canadian healthcare system has had its fair share of critics, a study conducted by Nanos Research in 2009 showed that over 86 percent of Canadians still strongly support publicly-funded healthcare.

Canada’s healthcare system has begun to draw medical tourists in the recent past. While a part of the influx can be explained by the high medical professional numbers, it is mainly due to the advanced medical care on offer. The medical facilities are known for their proven success rates in medical care.

Hospital and doctor standards in Canada

Canada had a record 75,142 doctors in 2012. The growth of the number of professionals in the medical industry has made an increasing number of individuals to consider Canada as a destination of choice for medical tourists. The healthcare system in the country matches up its medical professional numbers with the quality of medical care. The Canada Health Act of 1984 cites numerous guidelines and provisions that ensure that the quality of healthcare in Canada matches international standards. It has laid a strong foundation to the country’s reliable healthcare system today. For instance, Canada is known for a destination of treating cancer patients. The survival rates of patients who seek cancer treatment in Canada are high. Statistics show that nearly 75 percent of the women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer are alive even five years after, shedding light on the reliable cancer treatment in the country. In fact, these numbers are also regarded as some of the highest survival rates around the world.

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