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Why Medical Tourism in Brazil

Brazil - A dazzling country full of Bikini’s, Beaches, Rainforests and more recently a pioneer in Medical Tourism. Brazil was the first country with an institution outside the United States to be accredited by the Joint Commission International in 1999 when the program was launched and now has 43 JCI accredited hospitals and institutions. 

Medical Tourism to Brazil is expected to grow 35% in the next five years, benefiting from the country’s investment in infrastructure, hotels and airports and the influx of international visitors as Brazil prepares to host major international events including the World Cup and Olympic Games. 

With a booming economy, the country is making major investments in its infrastructure and tourism, Brazilian authorities are trying to showcase the country in a successful light and working hard to transform and reinforce the country’s image by turning it into a major tourism destination. This tourism boost will also greatly benefit the medical tourism industry. Currently the second largest marketplace in the world for cosmetic and plastic surgery, Brazil is a leader in the field with local plastic surgeons possessing outstanding reputations as some of the world’s best. 

Key Strengths of Brazil for medical tourism

-Large number of JCI-accredited hospitals and institutions 
-International reputation for excellence in cosmetic surgery
-Excellent quality of healthcare service in private hospitals and clinics in terms of technology and capability of health professionals
-Cosmetic surgery and dentistry with a growing reputation for orthopedics, sports medicine, bariatric surgery and assisted reproduction

Why should you consider Brazil for your health care needs?

Medical tourists are choosing to travel to seeking treatment in Brazil for a variety of reasons including:

1. Stellar reputation for cosmetic and plastic surgery

In the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery, Brazil is recognized worldwide as a mecca. Brazil is the second biggest market in the world for plastic surgery only to the United States which is attributed to the high quality of service and comparatively low cost.

2. Excellent quality of private hospitals

Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, leads in terms of healthcare infrastructure and medical tourism facilities. Some of the hospitals and clinics are among the best in Latin America, embracing the latest technology, highly qualified healthcare professionals and continuous improvement of staff training and technological resources, that includes attaining more accurate medications, follow-up, diagnostics and investment in state-of-the-art equipment.

3. High growth and support of medical tourism

As the country braces itself as the venue for major international events, and preparing for a greater number of foreign visitors, the medical tourism sector in the country is also seeing increased demand from the international market. Brazil is providing more solutions including the launch of the Brazilian Association of Medical Travel, a resolution for regularization of a health visa for international visitors seeking medical treatment and upgrades to infrastructure including improving airports, better public transport, new roads, new and renovated hotels and training for tourism staff.

4. Cost effective healthcare treatment options

Although prices can vary considerably depending on the treatment and facility chosen, international visitors are drawing to Brazil because of its high quality treatment at low prices, often considerably lower than the West. Treatment prices in Brazil are two-thirds of the typical prices in the United States. However, prices are generally still higher than treatment options in Asia.

5. New innovation, support, teaching and research for healthcare

Brazil has advanced its healthcare ability, with new research, technological development and education. The country has developed a great tradition in forming medical professionals, many of the large hospitals are teaching and research centers, with stringent government requirements imposed on doctors by the Brazilian government. Brazil is opening more new economic and social horizons by growing medical tourism, lead mostly by the high qualification of Brazilian healthcare professionals.

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