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2011's Leaders are...

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons declared that the US performed over 1 million plastic surgery procedures in 2011. Brazil, China, and Japan also performed top numbers of cosmetic surgeries.

Healthcare System and Quality in Belgium

People are increasingly traveling to the European nation of Belgium for their medical and healthcare needs and are combining this aspect of their travel with the new experience of exploring the vibrant land, culture and history of this unique destination. Belgium has one of the best healthcare systems in the world and has been granted the 21st rank by the World Health Organization. The medical infrastructure and services exist for all the citizens as well as medical tourists visiting the country. 

Mutual health associations that exist in a free market setup and a network of non-profit and state run hospitals make Belgium a country with some of the best hospitals and healthcare systems in the world. The Belgian Ministry of Health has also accepted alternative treatments like homeopathy, osteopathy, chiropractic and acupuncture as relevant treatment modules, allowing for a seamless combination of conventional and unconventional practices in the country. 

Hospital and doctor standards in Belgium

Belgian doctors, surgeons and support staff are some of the best in the world. They receive seven years of education and training before they can practice as general practitioners and are required to study for twelve years in order to practice as specialists. In addition to this, a lot of them travel to places like the USA and the UK for their medical education, which gives them first-hand knowledge of standard practices and procedures in these countries. Doctors in Belgium are usually affiliated to multiple hospitals and clinics, giving the patients wide options to visit them. Most of the medical professionals can speak in English and can be visited without any waiting time for appointments. They also make sure that all the patient’s needs and issues are addressed and spend quality time in consultation and devise the best possible treatment plan. 

Hospitals and clinics in the country have the best and the most advanced infrastructure and boasts of equipment like PET scanners and Da Vinci robotic surgical equipment for minimally invasive procedures. Belgium is also one of the nations that have the lowest post- operative secondary infection instances, with the figure being less the 0.5 percent.  

Hospitals like the University Hospital Brussels and ANCA Hip Clinic provide affordable treatments and medical services that are sometimes up to 50 percent cheaper as compared to some of the other countries like the USA, the UK, Switzerland, Ireland and most of Western Europe. Some of the most popular treatments that hospitals and clinics in the country offer include orthopedics, joint replacement surgeries, heart surgeries, cosmetic procedures, bariatric, neurosurgery and more. There are clinics that offer alternative treatments like acupuncture, homeopathy and chiropractic among others as well. 

Hospitals and clinics in Belgium have autonomy. This ensures that the revenues generated are re-invested for the improvement of infrastructure and to introduce the best and the latest that is available to the industry today. There are a couple of hospitals in Belgium that have their own helicopters as well. 

Medical tourists are accommodated in five-star quality rooms with twin beds and other facilities. Patients can completely relax and spend quality time with their families in privacy and peace. 

In addition to all this, Belgium has a five-year period for the testing and release of new drugs and treatments, which is a short time as compared to the average of ten years that most countries have. This means that the latest medical facilities, drugs and treatments that have still not arrived elsewhere in the world can be found in Belgium, providing another advantage for medical tourists. 

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