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Asia Leads the World in Hairline Restorations

Asia performs the highest number of surgical hair restoration procedures of any region, racking up 102,702 operations in 2012, according to industry data (ISHRS). That’s more than Canada, South and Central America and Europe combined.

Why Medical Tourism in Belgium

Tucked away in the northeastern corner, Belgium is a beautiful, vibrant and much loved country in the whole of Europe. Host to millions of tourists each year, Belgium is an eclectic combination of nature and culture, its people a unique mix of the cultures of Holland, France and Germany. Tourism contributes to almost three percent of the country’s GDP. 

Medical tourism is rapidly becoming one of the most important industries in Belgium, with people from across the continent and the seas choosing to travel to Belgium for non-emergency treatments. There has been approximately an 18 percent increase in the number of medical tourists visiting Belgium from Netherlands, Luxemburg, France and Britain. It has one of the most advanced medical infrastructures along with a wide network of hospitals and clinics. For example, University Hospital Brussels is one of the best hospitals in the country with its focus on patient care, education as well as biomedical research. 

Key strengths of Belgium for medical tourism 

-  40 to 50 percent cheaper medical treatments and services
-  Easy accessibility through regular budgetary airlines
-  Cutting edge medical infrastructure and equipment
-  High standards of doctors and hospitals
-  Critical attention to maintaining hospital standards
-  Elimination of waiting time for non-emergency procedures
-  English speaking doctors and support staff
-  Five-star accommodation options for medical tourists

Why should you consider Belgium for your healthcare needs? 

The ever-increasing costs of medical treatments in many countries is one of the major contributing factors to the dynamically expanding medical tourism industry. Each destination of any considerable importance in this industry  has several unique factors, apart from affordability, which contribute to its popularity. Here is a look at some factors that make Belgium a good option for your healthcare needs.

1. Affordable medical treatment and services

Statistics show that medical treatments and surgeries are approximately 40 to 50 percent cheaper in Belgium as compared to the costs for similar procedures in the USA and the UK.

2. Economical travel to Belgium

There are multiple budget airlines that connect people to the various destination in Belgium, one of the most accessible being the capital Brussels. Traveling costs being cheaper makes the entire experience of traveling for medical help more cost effective and appealing.

3. Qualified doctors and surgeons with international experience

Belgian doctors are some of the best in the world and the healthcare system in the country requires that they stay abreast with all the latest developments in the field of medicine. All doctors undergo rigorous education and training with the minimum study period of seven years for general practitioners and up to 12 years for specialists and surgeons. Many doctors also receive international exposure and work experience in the USA or the UK. Almost all doctors here can speak in English and spend a considerable amount of time consulting with you and catering to your needs and issues.

4. No waiting time

The healthcare system in Belgium comprises of both government and private hospitals and clinics, creating enough resources for both the citizens and international medical tourists. This means that there is usually no waiting time required for surgeries and procedures, which could otherwise take months to come through in some countries. Though of non-emergency kind, procedures like joint replacements often cause considerable pain and discomfort. The lack of waiting time helps patients address such conditions as soon as possible, helping them improve their quality of life.

5. Very low infection rates

The hospitals and clinics in Belgium have strict procedures and cleanliness standards in addition to qualified supporting medical staff. This ensures that there is almost a negligible chance, less than even 0.5 percent, for a patient to develop secondary infection after surgeries at the hospitals here.

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