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How to Conceive Twins Naturally

21 April 2015

The odds of conceiving twins are pretty low; for every 89 childbirths one of them is a pair of twins. In the US, only three percent of pregnancies result in multiple births. Also, a majority of these twin childbirths correspond to fraternal twins, and in very rare cases is it that identical twins are born. Interestingly, women who are older have a higher likelihood of having twins, despite the fact that they have lower chances of achieving pregnancy. If you and your partner wish to conceive twins, there are numerous methods through which you can try increasing the odds.

How are twins born?

Identical twins are born when one of the eggs is fertilized by a single sperm, and then goes on to divide into separate embryos. Both the embryos have a similar genetic composition. In case of non-identical twins, two sperms fertilize two different eggs, due to which the twins have different genetic makeup. Generally it isn't necessary that there is a case of twins in the family history for a couple to have twins. However, it is common for a woman who has a predisposition to have twins genetically to conceive twins, while the same does not apply to the aspiring father's genetic predisposition. There are a number of factors such as ethnicity, diet and lifestyle that determine whether or not a woman has twins, aside from the genetic composition.

Age does have an important role to play in whether or not the pregnancy results in twins. For instance, women who are of 40 years of age have a 7 percent chance of twinning, while it is 17 percent for women aged 45. In fact, older women usually opt for IVF treatments to achieve pregnancy, and it is seen that there are greater odds of having twins with these treatments. Intracytoplasmic insemination or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is another technique that has been employed in fertility clinics to implant two embryos in the uterus, favoring twin births. The high price of fertility treatments in the US and the UK is making many couples look for affordable fertility treatments in places like Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, China and Brazil, which also have a competent medical staff and advanced technology in their healthcare institutions.

How to naturally conceive twins

Folic acid supplements

There has been speculation on whether or not folic acid can help conceive twins. According to one study, women increase their chances of giving birth to twins by nearly 40 percent on taking folic acid supplements. However, there has been another study that has revealed that the opposite is true. Even so, folic acid has been shown to prevent the occurrence of neural tube disorders, due to which it may be a good choice for pregnant women looking to have twins even otherwise.


Yams can increase the odds of conceiving twins. Researchers say that the chemicals that are present in it cause over-stimulation of the ovaries due to which more eggs may be dropped during the ovulation period. Women who consume dairy products have also been shown to have higher chances of multiple childbirths, with the odds going up by nearly five times for regular dairy product consumers, when compared with vegetarians or vegans. A few researchers say that it is not the dairy products themselves as it is the hormones that are present in these products that tend to increase the chances of multiple births.

Weight gain

Heavier women have greater chances at having twins, according to research studies. Women with BMIs of over 30 have higher odds of twinning during a pregnancy. However, 20 to 25 is considered as a healthy BMI for women in their fertile years, due to which gaining weight to achieve twin pregnancy is not the healthiest of choices to make.

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