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India Has Wrapped Its Mind Around Stroke

If you need an Acute Stroke (brain attack) program, head to Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad in India! The facility was the first hospital in the world to receive JCI certification for such a program!

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Importance of Medical Travel

Healthcare services and health resources are becoming more prohibitive and exorbitant as the days pass by. It can happen that medical care may not be available locally, and if it is, it may be too expensive. Many times some surgeries have long wait lists. In such situations patients are usually left with little choice. You can either pay up and wait it out or you can make an easier choice - go abroad to avail medical treatments.

There are many international medical care destinations that offer world class service at a fraction of the cost you will incur in countries like the US or UK. That's where comes in. We are here to help you find safe, effective and cost saving alternatives for your healthcare and medical needs.

On our website you can find detailed information on countries that offer opportunities for medical tourism and profiles on medical facilities, wellness institutions and healthcare providers. In a few words, we can help you find what you are looking for in medical travel and treatment abroad.

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Our aim is to protect your interests and give you the correct information that enables you to make the right choice. Towards this, we at have put together for your convenience the latest medical and health information resources and healthcare facilities from around the world.

Our medical tourism portal is one of the most extensive and detailed portals on the internet offering information on medical travel, and the health and wellness industry in general. Our list of services is extensive and covers many medical, surgical procedures and wellness treatments.

Through our website, you get direct access to the best medical providers and healthcare facilities, be it hospitals, medical centers, dental clinics, cosmetic/plastic surgery clinics, fertility clinics, LASIK / eye surgery clinics, rehabilitation centers, holistic/alternative centers, skin care (dermatology) clinics and more.

If you are looking to get away from your busy life to just relax you can access information on health resorts and retreats, medical spas and wellness centers too.

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We understand that there are many details involved in finding the best healthcare provider who will suit your needs. To make your task easier we have provided efficient tools that will save you both time and money as you search for medical and health information. We have tried our best to simplify the process so that your job becomes easy.

Contacting healthcare providers was never so easy. We have facilitated the process in such a way that you can contact as many of them as you want with a simple click. If you are thinking about engaging the services of medical tourism companies, we have that information also.

We have incorporated a search feature on our website with specific search criteria to help you find the most relevant healthcare and medical providers that suit your situation. For example, you can find hospitals and health clinics that specialize in surgery for weight loss or other medical treatments in a certain country, city or even an area. If you only want hospitals that are JCI accredited, with fluency in your language, you can find them as well. All at the click of a mouse! Reviews from patients who have been there done that are available also. Reading real-life experiences is one of the best ways to understand and learn more about medical care providers. You can also contribute by sharing your own experiences and providing ratings on health care providers.

We are working on adding more features and will forever remain unbiased in our outlook, as we bring trusted information pertaining to medical and health care within your reach.